Eijy is a computational biologist.

Eijy has always been interested in how life happens from different perspectives.
So studying life sciences and the mechanisms behind the orchestration of the natural functions of living beings was a simple and obvious path to follow.

He was trained as a biotechnologist where he studied plants and microorganisms. After, he studied the genetic characteristics of cattle and livestock genetic improvements (at EMBRAPA-Campinas-Brazil). And finally, he obtained his PhD degree investigating the role of chromatin structure in the gene regulation of mammal immune cells.

He is interested in all kinds of OMICs flavors, with a focus on transcriptomics and epigenetics. He has experience in data analysis in scRNA-seq, scATAC-seq, bulk RNA-seq, 3D genome (Hi-C), and ChIP-seq.

His background is mostly in biology but studied and learned how to program and became able to write scripts in Bash, R, and Python. This blog aims to help him improve and share some knowledge in bioinformatics and related stuff. He is almost all the time a positive mind and friendly guy, but do not disturb him if he didn’t have his daily dosage of good coffee.

When he is not behind a monitor, he is disconnected doing hiking and getting some fresh air far from the crowd =)

You can find a complete CV here and can connect through any of the social media at the bottom of the webpage.

About this blog

This blog has two goals:

  1. Make Eijy a better coder
  2. Do not forget the first goal

Eijy believes in the 70:20:10 learning model to learn effectively. Basically, when learning new things you should spend around 10% of the time learning from content, 20% learning from others, and 70% actually doing it! So, to execute the 70% part I found out that blogging is really a large amount of time preparing the material you just studied and also keeping track of your evolution as you can always go back and check it. Also, if the content is good enough, it can contribute to others and people may interact to support possible improvements. So it is a win-win.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned ;)